Apple Color Onescanner solutions for 68k Macs. (Untested on other Apple scanners
/ does it work?) Now you can use your old Apple scanner. Woo Hoo! Or buy one
on Ebay for $10. Color Onescanners are great, fast, and durable scanners!

Ofoto is a rare piece of software. I searched for it for three months. It has
been tested with a Mac IIci and an Apple Color Onescanner. Download it now.

Ofoto 2.0.3.sit

By the way there's an OS 8 patch available


Personally, I do not recommend Ofoto. It doesn't save in JPG format and
it's not a real great piece of software in my opinion.

Instead, I recommend using placing the OneScan111.sit plugin into your Photoshop
3.0 plug-ins directory. Photoshop 3.0 can be found easily if you download Hotline
and then search Hotline for "Photoshop 3.0" at HotlineHQ Search. Photoshop 3.0
runs great on my 68k IIci. It never crashes and is faster than version 6.0 on my Windoze box.

Note: Do not ask me for Photoshop 3.0. Even though Photoshop 3.0, like Ofoto, is
obsolete software, our pals at Adobe don't believe in releasing abandonware. Certain software
companies = idiots.