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Printer Drivers

Apple Printer Drivers
  • ALL of Apple's printer drivers are located in the link below.
  • To find the correct Laserwriter or Stylewriter driver, first look in the appropriate Driver Matrix document linked below.

  • Apple's Older Printer Software downloads
  • Laserwriter Driver Matrix Knowledge base document
  • Stylewriter Driver Matrix Knowledge base document

  • HP Deskwriter Drivers
  • Official HP driver website
  • Deskwriter 2.2 (215 k)
  • Deskwriter 3.1 (702 k) - This is archived as (2) 800k floppy images & will run on a Mac SE up.
  • Deskwriter 5.0 (929 k, 800 k disk image) - This works with sys 6.07 up
  • Deskwriter 6.0 (1.1 mb, 800 k disk image) HP Deskwriter driver 6.0. This works with sys 6.0.7 up and is the last version to work with 68000 processor.

  • Chucks Printer Driver
  • Chucks Printer Driver v1.40 (88 k)
  • This driver prints to any Epson compatible dot-matrix, HP laserjet compatible printer. Works with serial or parallel printers (with a converter).

  • Daisy Printer Driver
  • Daisy Printer Driver v1.0 (17 k)
  • Daisy is a generic, text only printer driver for use with the Macintosh and most serial printers.

  • GCC Technologies
  • GCC PLP printer driver v3.0.1 (104 k)
  • PLP printer driver for GCC TechnologiesU PLP, PLP II, and PLP IIS printers.

  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Mac Enhancer Driver (566 k)
  • The Mac Enhancer was a Microsoft HW product for the Mac that added a parallel port to classic Macs to drive PC printers.
  • The printer drivers are included with this SW.

  • Mirus
  • Mirus Film Printer driver v3.03 (420 k) - drivers and control panels for Mirus filmprinter.

  • NEC Laser Printer PPD files
  • NEC PPD's (109 k) - These are postscipt page description files for NEC's Laser printers.

  • Serial PostScript Drivers
  • Serial PostScript Drivers (1001 k) - Disk Images for MacLaser and OnPAGE.

  • Serial Print II
  • Serial Print II 1.3 (47 k)
  • Serial Print II is a serial port printing DA that works with sys 6,7 using a printer's built in fonts.
  • It works with Epson Dot Matrix printers and HP Deskjets (w/converter)

  • Star SJ-144 MC
  • Star SJ-144 MC driver disk 1 (943 k)
  • Font disk 2 (1268 k)
  • The Star Printer is a color dot matrix printer for early Macs.

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