Information from the early Apple era
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Apple Mac Manuals

This collection consists of Official apple publications like users guides and such
that came with new Macs or software from Apple.

1HyperCard Users Guide 1987.pdf19872016-06-12
2Apple 3.5 Drive Owners Guide 1986.pdf19862016-10-29
3Apple Hard Disk SC Owners Guide 1989.pdf19892016-10-29
4Apple Macintosh Potrait Display Owners Guide1989.pdf19892016-10-29
5Getting Started With Your Macintosh 1990.pdf19902016-10-29
6Getting Started With TrueType 1991.pdf19912016-10-29
7AppleTalk Network Services 1996.pdf19962016-10-29
8Color StyleWriter 1500 1996.pdf19962016-10-29
9Color StyleWriter 2500 1996.pdf19962016-10-29
10Macintosh 1984.pdf19842016-10-31
11Macintosh II manual 1986.pdf19862016-11-01
12Macintosh Quick Reference Card 1988.pdf19882016-11-02
13Apple Letter Quality Printer Operators Manual 1982.pdf19822016-11-03
14Macintosh SE Owners Guide 1988.pdf19882016-11-03
15Macintosh Utilities Users Guide 1988.pdf19882016-11-03
16Macintosh 12" Display Owners Guide 1990.pdf19902016-11-03
17Macintosh Users Guide 1991.pdf19912016-11-03
18Personal LaserWriter LS Owners Guide 1991.pdf19912016-11-03
19Macintosh Users guide 1992.pdf19922016-11-03
20StyleWriter Owners Guide 1991.pdf19912016-11-04
21StyleWriter II 1992.pdf19922016-11-04
22Power Macintosh 5400 Technical Information 1996.pdf19962016-11-04
23Apple TV Video System Users Guide 1995.pdf19952016-11-11
24Apple QuickTake 200 1997.pdf19972017-05-01
25Macintosh 512K enhanced 1986.pdf19862017-05-15
26Macintosh SE 30 Owners Guide 1988.pdf19882017-05-16
27Macintosh System Software Update Apple FDHD 1988.pdf19882017-05-16
28Macintosh PC Exchange 1992.pdf19922017-05-16
29PowerBook 520 520c 540 540c Getting Started 1994.pdf19942017-06-17
30Macintosh Performa Users Manual 1996.pdf19962017-06-17
31Apple ImageWriter II Owners Manual 1985.pdf19852017-08-24
32Apple LocalTalk Cable System Owners Guide 1987.pdf19872017-08-24
33Apple Tape Backup 40SC Owners Guide 1987.pdf19872017-08-24
34Apple Macintosh Utilities Users Guide 1988.pdf19882017-08-24
35Apple HyperCard Users Guide 1989.pdf19892017-08-24
36Apple Macintosh System Software Users Guide Version 6.0.4 1989.pdf19892017-08-24
37Apple Macintosh Reference 1990.pdf19902017-08-24
38Apple quick reference SIMM compatility Jun 1991.pdf19912017-08-24
39Power Macintosh Users Guide 1995.pdf19952017-08-24
40Technical Information Specifications for Power Macintosh 7200 series computers 1995.pdf19952017-08-24
41iMac G5 Users Guide 2004.pdf20042017-08-24
42Apple Daisy Wheel Printer 029-0083-A 1983.pdf19832018-02-22
43Macintosh II manual alt 1986.pdf19862019-07-13