Information from the early Apple era
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Apple Mac Manuals

This collection consists of Official apple publications like users guides and such
that came with new Macs or software from Apple.

1Apple Letter Quality Printer Operators Manual 1982.pdf19822016-11-03
2Apple Daisy Wheel Printer 029-0083-A 1983.pdf19832018-02-22
3Macintosh 1984.pdf19842016-10-31
4Apple ImageWriter II Owners Manual 1985.pdf19852017-08-24
5Apple 3.5 Drive Owners Guide 1986.pdf19862016-10-29
6Macintosh II manual 1986.pdf19862016-11-01
7Macintosh 512K enhanced 1986.pdf19862017-05-15
8Macintosh II manual alt 1986.pdf19862019-07-13
9HyperCard Users Guide 1987.pdf19872016-06-12
10Apple LocalTalk Cable System Owners Guide 1987.pdf19872017-08-24
11Apple Tape Backup 40SC Owners Guide 1987.pdf19872017-08-24
12Macintosh Quick Reference Card 1988.pdf19882016-11-02
13Macintosh SE Owners Guide 1988.pdf19882016-11-03
14Macintosh Utilities Users Guide 1988.pdf19882016-11-03
15Macintosh SE 30 Owners Guide 1988.pdf19882017-05-16
16Macintosh System Software Update Apple FDHD 1988.pdf19882017-05-16
17Apple Macintosh Utilities Users Guide 1988.pdf19882017-08-24
18Apple Hard Disk SC Owners Guide 1989.pdf19892016-10-29
19Apple Macintosh Potrait Display Owners Guide1989.pdf19892016-10-29
20Apple HyperCard Users Guide 1989.pdf19892017-08-24
21Apple Macintosh System Software Users Guide Version 6.0.4 1989.pdf19892017-08-24
22Getting Started With Your Macintosh 1990.pdf19902016-10-29
23Macintosh 12" Display Owners Guide 1990.pdf19902016-11-03
24Apple Macintosh Reference 1990.pdf19902017-08-24
25Getting Started With TrueType 1991.pdf19912016-10-29
26Macintosh Users Guide 1991.pdf19912016-11-03
27Personal LaserWriter LS Owners Guide 1991.pdf19912016-11-03
28StyleWriter Owners Guide 1991.pdf19912016-11-04
29Apple quick reference SIMM compatility Jun 1991.pdf19912017-08-24
30Macintosh Users guide 1992.pdf19922016-11-03
31StyleWriter II 1992.pdf19922016-11-04
32Macintosh PC Exchange 1992.pdf19922017-05-16
33PowerBook 520 520c 540 540c Getting Started 1994.pdf19942017-06-17
34Apple TV Video System Users Guide 1995.pdf19952016-11-11
35Power Macintosh Users Guide 1995.pdf19952017-08-24
36Technical Information Specifications for Power Macintosh 7200 series computers 1995.pdf19952017-08-24
37AppleTalk Network Services 1996.pdf19962016-10-29
38Color StyleWriter 1500 1996.pdf19962016-10-29
39Color StyleWriter 2500 1996.pdf19962016-10-29
40Power Macintosh 5400 Technical Information 1996.pdf19962016-11-04
41Macintosh Performa Users Manual 1996.pdf19962017-06-17
42Apple QuickTake 200 1997.pdf19972017-05-01
43iMac G5 Users Guide 2004.pdf20042017-08-24